Founded, designed, and created by Evelyn Lozada

Most known for her role on VH1’s Basketball Wives as well as her role as executive producer with Livin Lozada on Oprah’s OWN Network, Evelyn Lozada is also an influencer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, philanthropist, and mother. 

In addition, she runs her non-profit The Evelyn Lozada Foundation, which focuses on empowering women and girls as well as providing support to individuals who have suffered domestic violence. Constantly on the go, she knows firsthand the toll life’s demands can have on a woman’s body as well as her confidence.

A fitness enthusiast, Evelyn has been very open about her quest to develop the perfect self-care regimen based on exercise, diet, and sleep rather than following the most recent fad.  Through it all, she strives to create a safe space for women to express themselves through fashion.   Evelyn is committed to creating opportunities and products that empower all women to shine in their own unique way.

She wants every one of her millions of followers to uncover their inner light and be free to shine bright.  Whether you are a single mom, grandmother, college student, or just someone who needs a break, Evelyn understands that just a few minutes of confidence and self-care can transform any woman’s mindset. No matter your shape or body type, SG will highlight the best parts of your body and make you feel more confident. In a world committed to dimming our light, SG is here to remind you that every woman deserves to shine.

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